Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top NineTelevision Shows We Love and a Few Dishonorable Mentions

Meg, Sam and I worked together this week to bring you our top 9 television shows (10 doesn't go into 3 easily). We talk aplenty about books, now it's time to geek out about another way we spend our time.  Today we are a judgement-free zone.
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Sam's List:

Four Weddings. This combines my favorite activities of looking at weddings and judging other people. If you are wondering whether this means I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, the answer to that would be a resounding yes.

Criminal Minds. In addition to weddings, I also enjoy television shows about serial murderers. I actually am often horrified and freaked out and have to change the channel during this show, but I really do like the characters on the murder-solving 'team,' especially Dr. Spencer Reid, who has a photographic memory and is very cute. Also, Shemar Moore, all day, every day.

The Wire. Probably the only show of any quality on my list. It unfolds slowly, deeply, inexorably -- like a novel, it's been said -- and it's just devastating. It's all truth in there. So good. Except the fifth season, which is awful and I didn't finish it.

Meg's List:

Game of Thrones. The TV show consolidates all of the kickass aspects of George R.R. Martin's plot and characters while also removing his terrible writing. Win/win.

Parks & Rec. I ship Leslie and Ben so hard. This show made working at a Parks & Recreation department of a small town seem so cute and appealing, I actually checked the website of City Hall to see if they were hiring. It also offers up what I think are some of the most quotable and hilarious lines ever -- exhibit A: "The calzones... betrayed me?!"

LOST. Even though some of the seasons were meandering and confused (seriously, season 3, WTF happened?), and I have never felt satisfied by the last episode, overall, binge-watching the entirety of LOST on Netflix in three months remains one of my most favorite TV-watching experiences. Oh LOST... I wish I knew how to quit you.

Kate's List:

Pretty Little Liars. Don't let the name fool you, this is a seriously addicting and well-written show.  It combines some of my favorite things: creepy serial killers, revenge, and so many fancy dresses.

Sherlock. Shout out to my roommate Lucia on this one who insisted I watch it, and now I'm obsessed. My one complaint is that each season is only 3 episodes long, and there are years in between seasons!  Give the people what they want (Benedict Cumberbatch)!

Psych. I don't think of myself as a fan of slapstick comedy, but this fast-talking series has me in stitches.  I love the way Shawn and Gus interact with each other.  Highlights here.

Dishonorable Mentions:

The Vampire Diaries. Defended fervently until season 5. Then I turned my face away in shame.

Glee. X_X (dead)

How I Met Your Mother. A show I loved until the finale stabbed me in the back and the heart (weeps).

What do you think?  Did your favorite show make our list?  Do you wish to defend any of our dishonorable mentions?  Are we missing out on any must-watch series?  Let us know!


  1. So many great shows!! I just started Pretty Little Liars, I'm still on season 1!

    Everyone loved How I Met Your Mother! I am trying hard not to get spoiled on it, JUST in case some day in the future I'll sit down and watch the whole thing through straight. You never know, right? :P

  2. Obsessed with Sherlock. The Wire is near the top of my list of shows to watch. Everyone raves about it.

  3. Sherlock, Lost and Game of Thrones are amazing! Criminal Minds is one of my husband's favorites.
    My TTT


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