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Kate -
Kate's love of reading was born from A Wrinkle In Time and the sound of her mother's voice. She dreams of the day when she will own her own library-slash-home complete with a window seat, fireplace, and devilishly handsome husband who bears a striking resemblance to Gilbert Blythe.  Kate loves the outdoors and thinks there are few things better than lying on a beach, in a hammock, or on top of a mountain with a good book in hand and a good friend to discuss with.  When she's not reading, Kate enjoys Civil War battle re-enactments,  museums, live music, and long walks.

Meg -

Meg is a grad student and future high school English teacher. She never goes anywhere without a book, including the grocery store – you know, just in case. She works at a vet hospital and is the kind of person who, at a party, instead of making small talk with strangers, will make friends with your cat. She hopes to someday write her own YA book and finish it for once, but she figures this blog is a good start. Some favorite books include Harry Potter, Protector of the Small, Anne of Green Gables, The Infernal Devices, His Dark Materials, and Pride and Prejudice. Her life’s ambition is to be as badass as some of her favorite heroines from novels.

Sam -

Sam is a law student and future haberdasher, or lawyer,or something. She went to law school as the result of a crippling addiction to television crime procedurals, and has since recovered. She has mastered the ability to read while walking. When people meet her, they usually think to themselves, “She certainly uses lots of hand gestures.” She also hopes to write her own novel, which will feature swordfighting, passionate declarations of love, and probably a lot of gratuitous descriptions of food. She inherited her love of YA fiction from one of her fathers, a fifth-grade teacher, and together they have read the Mortal Instruments, the Abhorsen trilogy, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the Redwall series. Her life’s ambition is to win a  duel.


  1. Silhouette = LOL Awesome!

    May your life's ambitions come true -- so that I may stage a small play involving a dueling badass Meg pitted against some rogue demon in Kate's library. A fire will be glowing threatening in the background. Entertainment will be had. Sam, if you can help write the script and the non-liability agreement for all involved, that'd be great. Thanks!

  2. See I knew there was a reason I looked at your blog and thought it was cool. And then I read these, and it's all explained (also, best taste in books ever)


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