A Beginner's Guide to Badges

[ A Beginner's Guide to Badges ]
  If you're thinking this feature was inspired by our childhood love of Pokemon[1], you're right.

The Good Writing Badge:

Simple and straightforward.


The Guilty Pleasure Badge:

You probably feel guilt and shame about enjoying this bad boy as much as you did. No shame here, friends.

The Perspectives Badge:

This book embraced a unique or minority perspective in one of its central characters. Huzzah!


The Plot Thickens Badge:

Although this novel may be lacking in other areas, at least the plot was really interesting. Looking at you, Game of Thrones.


The Tissue Box Badge:

Keep one handy while reading, because trust us, these feels will break your heart.

The I’d Marry You If You Were Real Badge:

Yet another love interest thwarted for being, alas, fictional.

The New Best Friend Badge:

This book featured a character (or author) who made you long to be bosom friends, Anne-and-Diana style.

The Fantasy Makeover Badge:

Let’s be honest, who DOESN’T love a good makeover montage? 

The Feminism Forever Badge: 

Here at Mad but Magic, the F-word is always welcome.  

The Trumps Tropes Badge: 

 This book surprised us, and you, by breaking all the rules in the best possible way.

[1] Sam says, "Childhood?!?"

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