Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Friday Feels and Finales

It's that time of the week!

One of my favorite webseries, The Autobiography of Jane Eyre ended recently with a pretty disappointing finale. If you have read Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, you know that after a few months in hiding from Thornfield, Jane and Rochester are reunited (and it feels so good).

Due to some "artistic differences" (according to the webseries' website) the actor formally playing Rochester bowed out of the show some time while Jane was hanging with the Rivers. So that means we never... saw him... again.

The creators ended the show at episode 95 and it was clear this was written to be a 100 episode series. The ending felt hurried and incomplete. I didn't feel like we got a resolution. At the ending of Jane Eyre (novel) it was so important to see the previous roles reversed, to see Jane in the position of connections and money and Rochester in the position of (relative) poverty and friendlessness. It was important to me to see the two interacting as equals (in the eyes of society) for the first time.

Sidenote, I enjoyed time Jane spent with the Rivers more than I ever had in the book! I want a celebrate-all-holidays-in-one-night sleepover with Dianimal and Marzipan- how much fun would that be? And I know that SJ and Jane aren't right for each other... but it *felt* so right!

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