Friday, May 16, 2014

#FridayFeels and Heavy Thoughts

In #FridayFeels we leave plot analysis for other posts and focus on the kick in the feels.

Have you seen the movie trailer for If I Stay? This has been one of my favorite YA/NA books for two years now and I already know (combined with TFIOS) this is going to be the summer for weeping at movie theaters. Trying to explain this book to someone who hasn’t read it (“Well, you see, it’s about a girl having an out-of-body experience and reflecting on her life… awesome, right?”) but Gayle Forman can just reach inside my chest cavity and twist in a way few authors can.

As someone really close with my family, and as someone who thinks a lot about loss, Mia’s reflections hit deep. The most hurtful things about loss isn’t usually the moment of loss itself, but the bleak outlook on every day of life afterwards; the void that will gape every time someone should be there and isn’t.

Feelings in this book might also stem from the fact that Gayle can write the most sensual hand-hold I've ever read.

Happy Friday!


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