Friday, May 9, 2014

New Feature: Friday Feels!

In which Sam introduces you our brand-new, Mad But Magic Friday feature: our FRIDAY FEELS!*

Welcome, mini-Mad Ones!  We wanted to shake things up this spring with something fresh and new, and here's what we have for you: our FRIDAY FEELS!

Kate put it best when she pointed this out:  "I have a lot of feelings.  All the time.  Sometimes I have feelings and it's not enough (or just too obsessive) to write a whole review about.  Or maybe the book is crappy but there's one character that just makes me want to curl up with the book."

That's why we decided it was time to share our #FridayFeels.  In the meantime, we'll keep up with our regular Monday reviews, Top Ten Tuesdays, and various other sprinklings of fun stuff.

Thanks for stopping by, our mini-Mad Ones!


*We here at Mad But Magic performed a diligent web search to see if another blog already had this feature after the idea popped in our heads -- a few other blogs have used the words but we couldn't find another book blog with the feature.  We're certainly not claiming it as our own -- we hope everyone shares their #FridayFeels! We just want to make readers aware that, as far as we know, we have not appropriated this feature from another blog without their permission.

**How obvious is it from the above disclaimer that Sam just graduated law school? Too obvious. How many times has Sam mentioned that she's graduated now? Too many.

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