Friday, August 9, 2013

Snips & Specs & Stacks

I know I'm in good company here when I say a stack of books gets me pretty excited.  If I walk into a bookstore that looks like this, I'm pumped.  There are, however, probably better ways to organize one's books.  Below are some very unusual ways to do so:

The crumbling bookcase
Strap them to your statuary!
Straightforward message

Are there any books that would fit Rhode Island?

Hangin' out with my books
Books about bats
Sit! Read! Enjoy!

While the number of books is finite, your thoughts don't have to be

Just make sure your books are secure before you sit
For my thought provoking books

Custom book table
Stretch your mind... and your bookcase
Books are the best art
Bookcase negative
Hold tight to the stories you love
What happens when your bookcase is top heavy
Like love, books will keep you warm.
Though perhaps not quite so much as actual fire.

What do you think?  Inspired? Do you have a favorite?  Do you have more recommendations for this list?



  1. The books about bats BLOWS MY MIND. How is this possible???

    Honestly I'd probably want the cozy looking chair one because it's so convenient (and I am so lazy). All of these are AWESOME though!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! And here's your answer:



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