Friday, June 14, 2013

Snips, Specs, & Zombie Treks

Over the Wall...Again!

FINALLY, finally, finally Garth Nix has invited us back over the Wall, into the Old Kingdom, to walk with the Abhorsens into Death.

If you aren’t already familiar with the Abhorsen trilogy, now is a fantastic time to read Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen, three books that chronicle the many adventures of the Abhorsens, powerful Old Kingdom denizens who possess the ability to send the Dead back into Death, and undo the work of necromancers who would let the Dead stray into Life. It is an extremely exciting world: there are plenty of epic fights, people growing into themselves, zombies, awkward moments, and lovable pets. (And my usual favorites – swordfighting, protagonists who are some boss ladies, biting sarcasm, and boarding schools).

BUT! But. Here is the news – after TEN YEARS, Garth Nix has brought us back to the Old Kingdom from a new book, “Clariel,” set hundreds of years before the events in the Abhorsen trilogy, and featuring a mysterious new Abhorsen (hint: her name is Clariel! Spoiler alert?) He tweeted a picture of the manuscript, which I felt was very intimate and cool.

So much speculation exists already about who Clariel was, and who she became. We’d love to hear your thoughts – or at least convince you to read the original trilogy ;)

In the meantime, check out the tweet!


  1. I am so excited!!! I had no idea this was happening - this trilogy is in my top 10 reads (probably..I feel like I say that about more than 10 books, but you get my point). I can't wait for this to happen!

  2. So happy to share the news! We're excited too :) It's in our "Top 10" too...and we know what you mean. Maybe it's ten to the power of ten, or something ;)


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